Monday, August 3, 2009

Bruce Wayne Is Kind of a Dick

Batman, what the hell is wrong with you?

Alfred is in his 70s and you're still making him work your fancy parties??

The guy's probably got arthritis, osteoporosis, the beginning of alzheimers, and you make him walk around serving drinks to your stuck up friends who probably later complain, "that servant DARED make eye contact with me!"

He probably just wants to relax in a comfy chair and stick his feet in a tub of warm salt water. The poor guy's probably got one of those railings to help him in and out of the shower...

... and you're too lazy to get your own breakfast in the morning??

I guess him raising you as his own son after the death of your parents couldn't erase the fact from your spoiled mind that he'll always just be "the hired help."

He should be doing infomercials for medical alert necklaces, not being at the back and call of your eccentric whim.

Hasn't he done enough?

Just let the old man spend his latter years with some dignity you shit-eating grin, rich, sadistic fucker.